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Department of Food Science and Quality Control____________________
Faculty members________________________________________________




Dr. Geeta Mehra (HOD)

Asst. Professor

M.Sc , NET, Ph.D

Dr. Vandana Sharma

Asst. Professor

M.Sc , Ph.D


Ethanol Production using Lab scale Fermenter

Moisture Analysis by Infra red Moisture Analyzer

Sample Digestion for proteins using automated system

Distillation for protein analysis by Kjeloplus system

Microbiological analysis of foods

Heating Water Bath

Refractometer analysis of foods

Cultivation of anaerobic organisms using anaerobic jar

Karl Fischer titrimetric analysis for spices

Morphological study of microorganisms using Microscope

Quantitative estimation of microorganisms by Colony Counter

Anaerobic Jar study

Fiber analysis by Fibrotron

Students performing Bioinformatics Practicals

pH analysis by digital pH meter

Spectroscopic analysis by UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Chemical analysis of foods
Equipments: (obtained under the Star College Scheme)______________

Digital Melting Point Equipment

Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter

Gel Electrophoresis Unit

UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Double Distillation Unit

Digital pH meter


Anaerobic Jar

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