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This Biodiversity Audit focuses on surveying the college campus to assess the level of biodiversity of flora and fauna found at the college. The aim is to quantify the area of the college campus covered by vegetation and to assess the amount and diversity of habitats which could support a variety of species.


To investigate the existing biodiversity of the college campus.
To draw attention to the importance of a biologically diverse ecosystem.
Encourage teachers and students to learn, appreciate and support local biodiversity.
Encourage student participation in caring for their college campus and the environment.
Promote exchange of information and expertise in enhancing biodiversity in the college.

Biodiversity Audit Team _____________________________________________________________________________________
  Dr. Arun Bansal, Administrator,
Natural Biodiversity Group,
Panjab University, Chandigarh (U.T.)

Mr. Kulbhushan Kanwar,

Incharge, Butterfly Park,

U.T. Administration.

  Mr. Navtej Singh,
Expert on birds

Dr. Jeesu Jaskanwar Singh,
Creative Photographer.


Inputs by :

Dr. Neetu Batra,

Head Department of Zoology,

MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh


Compiled by :

Dr. Vini Arora,

Dean Environment (Retd.)

MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh


Dr. Gunjan Sud

Department of Botany,

MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh


Dr. Purnima Bhandari,

Department of Botany

MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh


Click here for Insect fauna at MCM


Click here for tree diversity of MCM







Asparagus   Aster-(2)   Aster-(3)
Aster-(5)   Aster   Asteraceae
aster-asteracea-1   aster-asteraceae-purple-flower   Aster-sp-(2)
Aster-sp   Azadirachta   Bambusa-sp-(2)
Bambusa-sp   Bougainvillea-(2)   Bougainvillea
Calendula   Californian-poppy-Eschschol   Caliistemon-Bottle-brush
Carnation-Dianthus-caryolph   Carnation-Dianthus-caryophy   Cestrum-nocturnum
Citrus-sp   Climbing-Rose   Coleus
Compositae-(2)   Compositae   Cycas female plant with juvenile plants from Bulbils
Dahlia-(2)   Dahlia-(3)   Dahlia-(4)
Dahlia   Dahlia-Compositae   Dhatura-stramonium
Dianthus   Different-varities-Xerophytes   Eschscholtzia-californica
Eucalyptus-Myrtaceae   Euphorbia-milli   Euphorbia-milli-Euphorbiace
Euphorbia-pulchirrima   Fan-palm-fruiting   Ficus-religiosa
Helianthus-annuus   Hibiscus-rosa-sinensis   Hibiscus-sp
Hydrilla   jasminum-sp-(2)   jasminum-sp
Jatropha   larkspur-Delhinium-sp   Lemon
Magnolia   Magnolia-Flower   Mangifera-indica
Matthiola   Mentha-piperita   Mesumbryanthemum
Mesumbrynthemum   Moringa-sp   Morus
Narcissus   Nemesia-(2)   Nemesia
Oxalis corniculata champa methi oxalidacea   Petunia-ap   Petunia-hybrida
Phlox   Pinus   Pollens-of-rosa-indica
Portulaca-sp-(2)   Portulaca-sp   Pterospermum acerifolium-Kanak Champa
Rosa-sp   Salvia   Salvinia
Seed-of-eucalyptus-safeda   Tagetas-1   Tagetas
Tagetas-sp   Tradescantia   Tradescantia-flower
Tradescantia-pollen   Triticum-aestivum-(2)   Tropaeolam-officinale
Verbena-(2)   Verbena   Viola-sp-(2)
Viola-sp   viola-tricolour-pansy   Delonix-regia
Heliconia   Impatiens-balsamina   lagerstroemia
Agave   Alstonia-scholaris   Anthocephalus-kadambha
Asokan-tree-Polyalthea-long   Aster-(4)   Asteraceae-(2)
Azadirechta-indica   Begonia   Brassica-campestris-brassic
Casuarina-Tree   Chenopodium   Chukrasia
Citrus   Dahlia-Compositae-(2)   Dahlia-Compositae-(3)
Delonix-regia   Delphinium-ajacis   Dianthus-sp
Eschscholtzia-californica (2)   Ficus-benghalensis Bar-Tree   Grevillea-robusta-Proteacea
Hibiscus-rosa-sinensis-(2)   Hibiscus-rosa-sinensis-(3)   Hibiscus-sp-(2)
jasminum   Jasminum-sp-(3)   loquat--Eriobotrya-japonica
Lupinus   Mesumbryanthemum-(2)   Michelia
Monstera-sp   Narcissus-sp   Palm
Palm   Patharthor-buds-Opuntia   Philodendron-inflorescence
Poinsettia Pansoopia-
Euphpoinsettia - pansoopia
  Pterospermum acerifolium,
Kanak champa
Rosa   Rosa-Rosaceae-(3)   Rosa-sp-(2)
Royastonea   Salvia splendens red flower   Salvia variety with purple flower
Simarouba glauca   Tagetas-(2)   Terminalia-arjuna

Rare fauna at MCM Campus

Commander   Common map
Purple sunbird   Tickell's blue flycatcher


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